Irish Diaspora Loan Fund (IDLF)

Looking to obtain Irish residency by investment under the Irish Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) in 2021? The Irish Diaspora Loan Fund (IDLF) is a senior debt fund offering non-EEA investors a low-risk path to gaining investment residency in Ireland. Established in 2014, the fund is authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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The Diaspora Loan Fund at a glance

The IDLF was established exclusively to meet the investment requirements of the Irish Immigrant Investor Program, and was the first fund of its kind to be approved for this purpose.

An IDLF investment of €1 million (net), maintained for a minimum period of 5 years, can qualify as the basis for an Irish residency application under the IIP. As of April 2020, the fund boasts a 100% approval rate for qualified investor applications.

The IDLF manages a portfolio of loans, so investors’ credit risk exposure is diversified over a number of projects.  A large percentage of funds raised by the IDLF is used to offer low-interest, senior debt facilities to 4 and 5-star Irish hotels. These businesses, typically owner managed, use the funds to renovate, upgrade and expand their facilities, thus increasing the overall value of their assets and creating new jobs in the process.

In addition to hospitality businesses, profitable student accommodation, as well as social and affordable housing projects are eligible to apply for funding as well. These loans are secured using the borrower’s properties as collateral.

Interest charged to the hotels is lower than the commercial lending rate, making IDLF funding an attractive means of gaining additional low-cost working capital. In return for this form of affordable finance, the hotel is required to deliver proof of expansion, refurbishment or new facilities being created, along with growth in terms of the number of employment opportunities created in the process.

The investor must have a legally acquired net worth of €2 million, with a clean police record and demonstrable proof of good international standing. In addition, the investment must be made in the investor’s own name, i.e. not within a trust or holding company.

Benefits of investing in the Fund

A SIMPLE, PROVEN PROCESS: Gain Irish Stamp 4 residency status on approval in as little as 6 months. Your investment residency is renewable after 2 years and then again at 5 years, after which it becomes indefinitely renewable at 5 year intervals.

 CAPITAL PRESERVATION: The IDLF’s low-risk investment approach and emphasis on capital preservation makes the fund an appealing choice for investors with a low appetite for downside exposure.

ONGOING INVESTOR CONCIERGE SERVICES: Your investment residency application is just the start of your journey. Upon relocation to Ireland, IDLF’s investor concierge can assist you with the selection of schools, universities, the purchasing of a home and the identification of business opportunities. The IDLF also hosts monthly HNW Investors Club networking events, and quarterly dinners with their directors.

FAMILY ELIGIBILITY: Under the IIP, the spouse and dependent children of the primary investor are eligible to apply for Irish residency as well. Children up to the age of 24 will be considered, provided that they are unmarried, studying full time and financially dependent on the primary investor.

1-DAY MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENT: Under the IIP, investors are only required to visit Ireland for a single day per year, making the country an excellent “Plan B” destination for investors who aren’t looking to relocate to Ireland unless it becomes necessary.

PROVEN ROAD TO CITIZENSHIP: While Irish citizenship applications are subject to the regular naturalization rules and procedures, investors who maintain in-country residency for a period of 5 years can become eligible to apply for citizenship.

IDLF: Fund traction and growth

To date, the fund has enjoyed interest from investors seeking a reputable, highly regulated investment option in order to meet the Immigrant Investment Program’s requirements.

A large percentage of early investors in the fund were India, Middle Eastern and Hong Kong nationals. In recent years, however, the program has also gained in popularity among affluent American families seeking to relocate to Europe. Interest in the program has grown by over 100% year on year, with applications from the USA jumping by over 300%.

Given the ongoing civil unrest in Hong Kong, enquiries from high net worth families residing there has also increased by over 400%. The program is also increasingly popular among with wealthy Indian nationals seeking to enroll their children at Irish Universities.

According to a spokesperson for the IDLF, most IDLF applicants aren’t necessarily seeking to make a significant financial return – they’re more interested in investing their money in a safe place for five years, and then gaining Irish residency and their capital back.

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